What are your legal rights if your bank account is frozen?

Thousands of people a year find themselves frozen out of their bank accounts. The decision to freeze an account often happens with no warning or explanation. Customers suddenly find

NSW Police Crime Detection Targets encourage unnecessary searches, arrests

The NSW Police Force has set a target to detect almost 300,000 crimes this year, focusing on categories such as drug possession, theft and sexual assault. NSW Police plan

NSW Police officer filmed kicking and pinning down Indigenous teenager: is this unlawful?

Footage of a NSW police officer kicking the legs of a teenager raises questions over "what deems force reasonably necessary?"

Unlawful Strip Searches

Strip searches are an invasive practice involving physical and personal contact that could otherwise amount to an assault, battery or false imprisonment. It is important to be aware of

Supreme Court of NSW declares detention of Indonesian children unlawful

Our Principal Solicitor, Deo Indevar, was an instructing solicitor in a successful case in the Supreme Court of NSW, brought on behalf of 2 Indonesian children who were arrested

WA government finally acting on family violence

WA Attorney General Michael Mischin has announced the wheels are in motion for reform to the Restraining Orders Act 1997 (WA): Having worked with many victims in the Courts, I have