Criminal Offences and Defences

You may have been charged with a criminal offence, even though you had a good reason to justify your actions.

In these types of situations, you can raise a defence in court to prove that you had a good reason for your actions, and that if it was not for that reason, you would not have committed the crime.

Because the law only aims to punish people whose actions pose a real threat to society, if you prove that you had a legitimate excuse for your actions, you may be acquitted and the charges against you may be dismissed.

However, you won’t just be able to raise a defence out of the blue. It will be up to you to raise evidence of the defence itself.

Because the law in relation to defences is so complex, it’s especially important that you speak to a reputable criminal lawyer who will be able to advise you on whether you can raise a defence and if so present evidence to argue your case persuasively in court to ensure you have a good chance of being found ‘not guilty.’